Monday, January 02, 2006

Discovery Island, Jan 2nd

Today Darren from Westcoast Paddler and I set out from Cadboro Bay at around 11 AM and headed out around Chatham and Discovery Islands. It was a very nice glassy calm day - what a contrast from yesterday! Cadboro Bay was filled with floating logs - the wind and high tides of yesterday must have freed a bunch from the beaches.
We paddled 9.0 Miles (16.6 Km) and had a great time poking into various bays. Darren showed me a spot where the prickly pear cacti are growing on an islet.

Here is a visualization of our track using

The second one has some annotations of the photo locations as well as a more detailed image.

Some shots from today’s trip:
Darren and his new camera!, Stonecrop and Cactus, setting out through the logs, a pair of Harlequin ducks.

Google Earthing

Well, I also had to play a bit with today’s track and GoogleEarth. I used Ozi2GoogleEarth and the result looks great - I wish I could combine the colour coding and “tick marks” of gpsvisualizer with the GE image quality for the ultimate kayak track logs...
Overall, though I will stick with GPS visualizer since I like the colour coding and tick marks.

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