Friday, April 14, 2006

April 14th, Ten Mile Point

Heike, Kent, George, Doug, Ian, Nancy and I set out from Cadboro Bay to paddle around Ten Mile Point towards Gordon Head. The wind and weather cooperated quite nicely until we were on our our way back around Ten mile point. The wind had picked up and it was quite a slog to make our way back to Flower Island. I was paddling a demo Nigel Foster Shadow for the day. I loaded it as if for camping and it performed well.

Today’s track: 2006_04_14_tenmile 10 miles, 18.5 km, YTD: 236 km

 S1is10mileimg_3668_resize S1is10mileimg_3669_resize S1is10mileimg_3670_resize S1is10mileimg_3671_resize

S1is10mileimg_3674_resize S1is10mileimg_3673_resize S1is10mileimg_3675_resize S1is10mileimg_3676_resize

S1is10mileimg_3678_resize S1is10mileimg_3680_resize

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