Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Deer Group - May 21,22,23 (#23,24,25)

I went to the Deer Group for the weekend with Beth-Anne and a group of 8 grade 11 students (Margaret, Callie, Nicole, Charlotte, David, Kevin, Stephen and Daniel) from the school who were on an outdoor leadership trip. We overnighted at Bamfield school gym for our first night which worked out well. Margaret came down with a stomach flu or something and we spent much of the first day organsing and getting her returned home. We spent our second night at the Centennial Park campground. We had bear bamngers at the ready since there were definitely a few nosy bears around. We set off Sunday morning and paddled out to the Ross Islets for lunch and then paddled around the south side of Fleming and through Robbers passage and found a nice campsite in Marble cove. The second Day we paddled from Marble Cove around Tsartus Island and back through Robbers passage to another nice site on the northwest side of Fleming Island. On our last day we paddled back to Bamfield via the Ross islets and Wizard Islet. There were SE gales forecast throughout the trip, but these did not seem to materialise in our area.

Check out our track with Google Maps: http://www.islandnet.com/~mjackson/google/deergroup2006.htm

2006_05_23a My usual gpsvisualizer track plot.
2006_05_23b I also did an additional jaunt over to where our other group was camping on Ross Islets – forgot the GPS though!

(Total distance: 30 miles, 55 km, YTD 363 km)


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