Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cadboro Bay to Ogden Point (#53) July 30

Bill, Doug, Roscoe,  Dennis and I set out from Cadboro Bay at 10 AM and made great progress to Gonzalez point as we had the current with us. After Gonzalez Point, the progress was not as fast since the current was not helping and we had the wind against us. However we made an overall average of 3.5 knots to the beach at Ogden point where we had a relaxed lunch. The return trip had the wind behind us and a bit of current in our favour, so we made even better progress. I put the small Sprit sail up at Clover Point and had a great sail as far as the middle of Oak Bay. The wind picked up and made it a little trick to get the sail down, buit I managed without capsizing. It was nice to sail with neglible waves and swell.

Our track from today:2006_07_30_ogden 13.9 nm, 25.7 km YTD: 829 km.

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