Monday, October 02, 2006

September 29 - October 1 (65,66,67) Cedar to Thetis Island

Charlie and I led a group of 8 grade 11 students and 2 grade 12 assistant leaders on a 3 day trip around the northern Gulf Islands. We set out from Cedar and headed over to Blackberry point on a wonderful calm sunny day. the rock formations on DeCourcy Island were magnificent. We camped at Blackberry and 3 of us went for a short night paddle to see the bioluminescence. The next day we paddled over to and around Thetis Island, stopping at Telegraph harbour for lunch and finishing up at the headmaster’s cabin on Thetis (where we were treated to a hot tub and wonderful food!). On the last day we paddled back to cedar via Yellow point. We faced a stiff headwind which slowed us down considerably and made the trip a bit of a slog.

Thetis trip on google maps.


2006_10_01_thetis54 km, 29 miles, YTD 1100 km

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