Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 12 (#72)

Dennis, Heike and I set off from the Brentwood bay beach on a rather damp morning. It rained pretty steadily until just before we got back. Dennis had to go back after a mile, so Heike and I paddled back with him before starting again. We made it to Sawluctus island and back and conditions were fine, though wet and a bit cold. We did not tarry long at lunch in Misery bay as it was not warm enough. The east side of the inlet was dripping wet with small scades coming off it everywhere. We also enjoyed checking out the Robertson II. The tide was very high all day, so there was very ltle around in of beaches.

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33wrimgp4901 2006_11_12_saanich15.7 nm, 29 km, YTD: 1192

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derrick said...

beautiful falls!