Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 31 - 2006 a year of good paddling

As the year draws to a close, it is nice to look back at a great year of paddling. I started the year with a goal of paddling 1000 km for some reason and it was quite easy to make - just had to paddle regularly which was easy to do! The highlight of the year was certainly the west coast trip from Quatsino Sound to Nootka Sound. It was a lot of fun planning and preparing for it and then it was exciting to do it - many special sites and some pretty amazing paddling. It was also neat to cover so much ground. I have learned a lot about weather, navigation, gear  and more - that too has been fun. Paddling Vancouver Island is wonderful as the paddling companions, tides, weather, and currents make each paddle to the same place unique.

Keeping the journal has been fun too - it was not as hard as I thought to "log" each trip, save the track with my trusty etrex legend and post a few photos. I plan to keep the journal up next year, but have no distance goal in mind.

The Optio 33WR and Canon S1IS in a housing have been great cameras to use while paddling and have no worries about water.

GPS visualizer's track to map image conversion site has been a great encouragement to keep the tracks posted as it was so easy to do.

The blog image site has somewhere over 650 images (including the maps) - Some of my favourite shots from the year:


Happy New Year and thanks to all of you that came out with me!

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