Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 4 - McNeill Bay to Fisgard Light (#10)

Heike, John, Tony, Dennis and I set out from McNeill Bay (we were joined by Paolo who set out from Smuggler’s cove!) and paddled along the Victoria and Esquimalt waterfronts to Fisgard Light by Esquimalt lagoon. Conditions were good. I had a little bit of wind and used the spirit sail until Clover point. I was paddling the sirocco again. The currents were supposed to be with us both ways, but did not significantly hinder or help us either way.

W20imgp0046 W20imgp0048 W20imgp0049 W20imgp0050 W20imgp0052

25km, 13.4 NM, YTD 161 kmScreenShot015

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