Saturday, April 28, 2007

April 28 - Portland Island WCP camp out (18)

I left fairly early today to head out to Portland Island  to spend the day with the West Coast Paddler group that was camping on Portland Island. I joined Ian and Michael at Swartz head who had come over on the ferry from Vancouver. Conditions were magnificent – sunny and calm. On the way we saw a couple of huge flocks of geese. Once there I rested for a while and met several of the campers. A little later, I headed around Portland with “Kasey”(Kathy) and “Candikayak” and we had a nice circumnavigation with a snack stop in the main park bay. Shortly after I returned, Philip came back from Fulford Harbour and we compared sail rigs. Philip and I then went for a paddle up wind so that we could have a sail. Unfortunately the wind was not strong, but enough for me to test a two sail rig. Around 6 PM, I left the camp site and paddled solo back to Swartz Head – almost exactly an hour.

27 km, 14.4 NM, YTD:247 km – my track from the day:ScreenShot023

The day’s photo gallery: (the pics are full res – so they are big…)

W20imgp0411Ian W20imgp0413Michael W20imgp0414the geese W20imgp0415 the camp at Arbutus point

W20imgp0416 W20imgp0417 W20imgp0419 W20imgp0420 W20imgp0422 W20imgp0424


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