Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan 24th - Chatham (#5)

Dorothea, George, Dennis, Tom, Douglas, Simon, Gordin and I set out from Caddy Bay on a SISKA “adventurous” paddle. There was a bit of wind and it was quite cool, but very little current. We went over to Chatham, checked out “cactus inlet” and then had lunch on a beach facing Mt Baker. A very nice day on the water. No current in the “sluice” on the way home.

ScreenShot063 IMGP0067 Dorothea

IMGP0071 IMGP0072 GPS Geks!

IMGP0073 Mt Baker IMGP0075 The bunch @ Lunch

14 km, 7 NM, YTD 56 km

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