Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 10th - Ladysmith (#32)

I went up to Ladysmith for the Paddlefest. Once again I did some clinics. This year I did one on Charts and Navigation in the morning and then a towing clinic in the afternoon. I managed to get around all the stalls during the time in between and ran into many friends! Managed to escape without buying anything except a couple of John Kimantas’ maps! I must give the Lightspeed boats a test drive again – I am intrigued by thier skeg/rudder system. While doing the towing clinic I was able to field test the highwayman hitch system of giving the towee a quick release – worked well. The weather held nicely – the wind was just picking up as I left around 3:15.

ScreenShot131 1.5 km, 1 NM, YTD 323 km.

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