Friday, December 31, 2010

The 2010 year in review

Well, having just finished the last paddle of the year it is time to look back at another great year of paddling. This brings my fifth year of blogging my paddles to a close. This year I was happy to have done more paddles than any previous year (124) and covered a respectable 1214 km. I am happy with both of these since my annual goal is 1000 km and since I moved to "Killarney Kayak Base" 100 paddles a year. This year I managed to average a paddle every 3 days. The five year total is 458 paddles and 6046 km - basically five times around Vancouver Island!
The Tahe Greenland continues to be my favorite boat (107 paddles since I got it in June 2009) and most of my paddles are not surprisingly out of Cadboro bay.


A highlight this year was attending the Rolling competition of the Kayak Academy's Greenland week. Thanks to Dan G for helping me do lots of practice - it felt neat to have mastered enough rolls to come 4th in the competition. I am still working on the elbow roll and forward finishing norsaq and hand rolls.

GPS Visualizer continues to be the site I use for all my track plots from my trusty Garmin Etrex Legend HCx.
My paddle of choice remains my Superior Kayaks Carbon Greenland Paddle - at 770g (27.2 oz) it is so light weight and yet so tough. Though it has been my "go to" paddle since the summer of 2008, it still looks virtually brand new. I highly recommend a carbon GP! My favourite paddling wear of late has been my tuilik made by Paulo Ouellet worn over a pair of Kokatat Whirlpool Bib pants unless I plan to roll a lot in which case I would wear a dry suit. My favourite footwear are my NRS Rodeo Socks - which I should look at replacing since they are beginning to wear out!

Happy New Year to all of you and thanks to all who paddled with me this year. I hope to do the same next year!


John Herbert said...

Way to go, Mike! Excellent job of paddling this year! Happy 2011!

Mike J said...

Thanks John, I hope to get out with the Kayak Yakkers one of these days. I was almost out with Paula on Christmas Day!