Tuesday, March 08, 2011

March 8 - Discovery (#19)

I had no classes this aft so decided to head out and join Gordin and Dan who were out on Chatham (having set out from Maynard Cove). Once we met up we set out to go around Discovery. The current was flooding and the SE wind turned to a strong SW wind in time to make the jaunt along the south side of Discovery a slog! There were a few fun waves to play in by Virtue Rock and Heritage Point. The current gave us quite a boost around Heritage point.
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15 km, YTD 253 km


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
Last night (around 9pm) while we were out training for OBSR, we heard the most interesting sounds coming from Chatham! Wondering if you might have ever witnessed it.

Just after coming back through Baynes from Haro, we heard what almost sounded like an extremely loud radio squelching coming from the Chathams. We proceeded slowly towards Hertiage Bay, and only upon getting closer to the island did we realize the sound was coming from between the islands. It sounded like hundreds and hundreds of birds. So weird for that time of day. Have you ever heard that? Might it have to do with migration? We came across maybe 5 lone geese near the shore, but couldn't see what kind of birds were between the islands making the noise.


Mike J said...

I have never hear that yet - though there are lots of birds hanging out around the islands. Might have been cormorants?