Sunday, July 03, 2011

July 1 - 3 - Discovery Island (#s 53-55)

Monica and I joined Dennis and Sue for a camping trip to Discovery Island. We paddled the Feathercraft Wispers and I towed the Kaboose. We were thus able to camp comfortably out of two low volume boats. I have finally figured out a way to use my feathercraft skeg to prevent the kaboose from yawing too much. I now feel pretty comfortable taking it out on a trip with either the Wisper or the Tahe Greenland. I will post images of the skeg set up in a few days.
towing the kaboose with a wisper
We had great views of the Canada Day fireworks in the harbour on Friday night and then enjoyed a leisurely paddle around the Island on Saturday. We came back fairly early today as there were some strong winds in the forecast.

27 km, YTD 577 km

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