Monday, September 05, 2011

Paddling around the Island in pieces?

Back in 2006, Pete, George and I did our first West Coast Paddle from Quatsino to Nootka Sounds ( and the next year we did from Nootka to Renfrew ( After that we gave it a yeasr break before we did the next leg from Hardy to Quatsino ( Last week we did from Renfrew to Victoria, thus completing a trip over four separate trips from Port Hardy to Victoria via the west coast. I think my goal eventually is to make it all the way around the island which means I have from Nanaimo to Port Hardy still to do. Alan (Nootka on WCP) has very kindly taken a bunch of my trip logs  and turned them in to an image of the whole island showing the various legs.
click to enlarge
PS, I am not trying to beat Joe O'Blenis' 16 and a bit day record!

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John Herbert said...

Congrats, Mike!