Sunday, November 06, 2011

November 5/6 - Surge Narrows (#95&96)

I joined a group of SISKA instructors on a trip to Discovery Islands Lodge and Surge Narrows for the weekend. We drove up on Friday and returned Sunday afternoon after two wonderful days on the water and two nights at the lodge. The Lodge was wonderful and we had great conditions including a current that maxed out at around 6 knots. While we were there on Saturday we ran into Alan, Brent, Jonathan and Paul who gave us some great tips on surfing the wave. At maximum the wave was hard for me to get onto and stay but we had a of of fun trying and some great rides before and after max. A great weekend! :)

16 km, YTD 1094 km
our track around the wave site...


Anonymous said...

Good work on the wave, Mike.
You should use a euro next time; the gp is a handicap.

Mike J said...

I suppose... It goes against the grain though!