Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 24th - Octopus Islands and Surge Narrows (#26)

I went up to the wonderful Discovery Islands  lodge again, this time with Pautik and Coast&Kayak magazine. I was joined by Walter, Reale and Gloria again as well as John, Gerhardt, Shannon, Sheila, Dorothea, Taver, Richard and Carey. Paulo camped nearby and joined us for the paddles. We had a great day paddle up to the Octopus Islands and then made our way back to the narrows to wait for the flood current to subside enough to paddle the wave. We had gorgeous sunny weather and it was neat to sit over the rapids and watch as the 9 or 10 knot current powered through making waves, whirlpools and overfalls. While at Surge Narrows we ran into regulars Brent and Jonathan who gave me more tips on how to make my Delphin behave on the wave. An all around great day with great people. It was impressive to see the narrows with such tidal current activity.
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26 km, YTD 323 km

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