Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 18th - Pine Point Pautik Camp (#38)

Dan and I drove up to Cowichan Lake early Friday afternoon and were the first of the group to arrive at Pine Point Rec Site for the Pautik Camp. There was a building westerly wind, so Dan and I set out for a paddle out to some islets into a 15 knot or so wind. It was the second paddle for my new Tahe Greenland T and it did well in the waves. We then had a tail wind and waves to push us back to the camp site and managed to catch a bunch of great rides on the waves. As you can see from the track, the speeds were a bit different each way!
click to enlarge
Soon after our return, the camp began to fill up with a good turnout of Greenland Paddlers!

5 km, YTD 454 km

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