Sunday, February 03, 2013

February 3rd - Discovery (#5)

It was good to get out on the water again as my paddling plans for the previous weekend were nixed by a nasty cold. I had originally planned to go up to Surge for the weekend, but decided that it was not wise. Once staying home, I thought I might have made it out on the Sunday, but still was not well enough... The cold still lingers on, but I am much better and went out for a nice paddle around our favourite islands with Dan and George. The Sailboats were starting their races as we headed out and were finishing just as we returned! There are "park closed" signs all over the marine park on Discovery. In spite of a predicted strong ebb around noon, the currents did not cause us much trouble as we were able to keep up a good pace throughout.
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15 km, YTD 65 km

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