Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14th - Thetis Island (#28)

I joined the first SISKA paddle outside the Victoria area to paddle around Thetis Island from Chemanius. The paddle was organized and led by Reale, and we had magnificent conditions. Hardy any wind or current and enough water to get through the gap! This was probably the longest paddle the club has done and set a new standard for energizer paddles! The water was floccy with algae, and we saw lots of starfish and sea cucumbers as we paddled around Thetis. The starfish clumps got us into a good debate about why they clumped. Some of the hypotheses were - interesting! We also had a good view of many sand dollars as we came back to the beach in Chemanius. We had a nice lunch break on the north beach were we were treated to yummy chocolate by Reale and delicious rum balls by David! One our way back over we paddled by a large bulk carrier, bellemar, and I was able to paddle along side under the anchor and stern! It was a lot higher in the water than in the linked photo!
A great day on the water and nice to get a good long paddle in.
28 km, YTD 307 km

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