Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27th - Discovery Island (#83)

Dan and I went for another afternoon paddle (I was able to get off work early) and had another great paddle around Discovery Island.Conditions were good though there was a stiff ebb current helping us run south, but hindering us on our way back. We saw a group of about 10 paddlers crossing back from Discovery as we were heading over, and I ran into Eric taking pictures on the beach by Flower Island. (only 25 km to go! Maybe Saturday?). We also saw a solo paddler heading out across Baynes as we were returning.
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15 km, YTD 975, 7 kph (3.8 kt) moving average speed


What's That Birders said...

Mike, I noticed that your track speed looked like it exceeded the 10 km/h after leaving 10 Mile Point. Any idea how fast you were moving crossing Baynes?

Mike J said...

I checked the track log and it looks like I maxed at around 14.5 kph with much of that section over 12 kph.