Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12th - Discovery Island (#22)

I went out to Discovery with Melissa and James to show them my "backyard". It was an absolutely gorgeous day with lots of sailors and power boaters out as well as a few paddlers. The currents were mostly in our favour or not very strongly against us. Some paddlers we met in Rudlin bay had sen the wolf earlier in the morning on one of the Chatham islands. It was great to get out with Melissa and James as I have not paddled with them since we were at SSTIKS together in 2011! Melissa is over in Victoria for a few months working on the Gracepoint series. It was also great to see my "backyard" through fresh eyes. By the time we were done it was clear enough to see Mt Rainier over 200 km away!
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16 km, YTD 253 km (looks like I finally made it to a quarter of my annual goal!)

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