Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 9&10 - Saltspring island (#30 &31)

I went to Saltspring island for the weekend to participate in the SKGABC guides exchange. I went for a nice evening paddle on Friday with the group to Chocolate beach. On Saturday I participated in a rescues session in Cusheon Lake with Rick and was able to practice exits and entries from both the F1 and the Tahe Greenland LC. Both were easier to rescue and reenter than I thought! In the afternoon James, Lisa and I led a rolling session also in Cusheon Lake. It was great meeting new guiding colleagues as well as several old friends and also exploring the Ganges area. We had a great presentation about travelling from the Coast to the Tar Sands called Northern Grease. It was an excellent movie that I plan to show my students.
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9 km combined, YTD 308 km

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