Friday, July 03, 2015

June 28 - July 2 Gwaii Hanaas (#s 58-61)

While I was working on MV Swell as a naturalist in Gwaii Hanaas, I managed to get out for 4 short paddles in one of their cute little Delta 10s. We had amazing weather and conditions throughout the trip and it was great to putter about in our anchorages in the kayaks.Looking forward to Alaska and the North Coast in August.
overview, click to enlarge

Ikeda cove - June 28 - 2 km - click to enlarge
De La Beche Inlet June 30/July 1 - 4 km - click to enlarge

Anna Inlet - July 2 - 1.5 km - click to enlarge
7 km, YTD 517 km

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