Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 10th - Discovery Island (#4)

Dan and I went for a mid- morning paddle around Discovery. Conditions were nice and calm with a light wind that was enough for the sailboats (see below). We did a non-stop run and took  2 hrs and 20 minutes to do the 15 km trip, for an average of 6.1 kph (3.3 kt). Mt Baker was clear and we could just make out the shadow of Mt Rainier in the far distance. Lots of long-tailed (oldsqaw) ducks around. It was definitely a bit harder work on the return. Not sure if this was current or wind or both.

Someone asked me how often I go around Discovery, so I checked the blog for last year and tallied up 23 times - almost twice a month! (only 3x so far this month!) I do like these islands!

click to enlarge
15 km, YTD 57 km

Some photos

sailboats in the bay - click to enlarge

sailboats in the bay - click to enlarge

brief rest to take pictures at Cadboro Point - click to enlarge

Mt Baker and Cadboro Point - click to enlarge

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