Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March 2nd - Discovery Island (#18)

Dan and I set out for an early morning paddle around the islands. We met up with Paulo at Cadboro point and had a nice paddle around the islands. The water was a bit lumpy in Baynes on both the outgoing and return trips, but fun all the same. We saw a Coastguard helicopter ferrying bags of stuff back from discovery light to the base downtown - not sure what they were moving... The wolf was just around the corner from Commodore point and it was nice to see him again. We also saw lots of bird species as well as a Steller Sealion and several harbour seals. It was nice to fit the paddle in before lunch!
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15 km, YTD 213 km


RVTraveller said...

This will be the year I see the wolf. I've heard her behind the campground but haven't seen her yet.

Mike J said...

I have it on pretty good authority that the wolf is a he...