Monday, July 11, 2016

June 26-July 7 Haida Gwaii (#s 51-55)

I was up in Gwaii Hanaas working as the naturalist on board MV Swelll with Maple Leaf Adventures again this year. Over two weeks, I managed to get out for five short paddles
#51- June 26 - Skaat Harbour - 2 km
I went for a short paddle with the group in Skaat Harbour befoire heading off to Burnaby Narrows later in the day.
Skaat Harbour - click to enlarge
#52 - June 29 - Anna Inlet - 1 km
Another short paddle. A few seals
Anna Inlet - click to enlarge
June 30th - Cumshewa Head - 1 km
I went for a last short paddle of the trip in a bay by Cumshewa Head. We saw some river otters.
Cumshewa head - click to enlarge
July 4th - Burnaby Narrows - 3 km
After a wonderful shore trip at Burnaby Narrows we went for a paddle in the bay near Bag harbour. Though we had seen several bears earlier, we did not see any paddling! I went over to the kayak camp to say hi to Sarah who was leading a multi-day paddling trip.
Burnaby Narrows - click to enlarge
July 7th - Anna Inlet - 3 km
For my last paddle of the trip we went to the mouth of Anna Inlet. The walls are steep here and have great intertidal life. Lots of sea cucumbers, urchins, turban snails and some yellow dorid nudibranchs.
Anna Inlet - click to enlarge

Total for th 5 trips 10 km, YTD 539

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