Friday, July 08, 2022

June 16 to July 4 - Haida Gwaii (#s 13-22)

While working aboard Maple Leaf Adventures Cascadia  for three weeks, I managed to lead ten short paddles in various anchorages. Most of these were early morning (before breakfast) adventures!

Three were in Thurston Harbour, three at Dolomite Point/Island Bay, three at Echo Bay and one by Faraday/Murchison Islands.

Faraday/Murchison anchorage - click to enlarge

Echo Harbour, 3 paddles, click to enlarge

Dolomite Point/Island Bay, 3 paddles, click to enlarge

Thurston Harbour 3 Paddles (1 not recorded) click to enlarge

30 km, YTD 198 km

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