Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 26th - Goldstream (#15)

Dan, George, John, Kent and I set out from Brentwood Bay to paddle down to Goldstream. We went by Spectacle falls on the outward trip and had magnificent weather. There was a bit of a tail wind for the last part, so I put up the spirit sail which gave a nice speed boost (see the blue part of the track). We went back to Misery Bay for lunch where we had a very relaxed and pleasant break on a sunny warm beach. As we were leaving we ran into Chris and his sit on top. he was paddling with his family and was doing some fishing/crabbing. We were paddling into a headwind for most of the way back which slowed us down a bit.

26 km, 14 NM, YTD: 265 km ScreenShot043

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike...nice paddle...that was me, Chris Hvid in the SOT, not Jeff??, with my partner and her mother. Nice day on Saturday. We had a good crab feed afterwards. Anyways, it would be fun to paddle with your group some time, weekends for me. Drop me a line at:

if you're heading out weekends around Victoria.

I like paddling around here (moderate/advanced skill level).

I also paddle an early Brian Henry boat, the Pices, as well as the old Folbot Greenland II.