Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday April 6th - Rum island (#12)

George, Dennis and I set out from Amherst on a reasonably strong ebb which almost carried us by Sidney Spit. We had a nice paddle along the south side of Gooch (saw lots of snail eggs) and then stopped for lunch on the north beach of Rum. After a while we wer joined by four paddlers who we did not know and then by Heike, John, Paolo and Hans who had set off from Roberts Bay a bit later. We had some good chats on the beach and then the 3 of us set off back, taking a detour out to Cooper reef. Apparently Doug and Tom qarrived at Rum just after we left. I was still not feeling 100% as a result of the stomach bug, so had to go slower than usual. By the time we got back I was tired! The current was flooding stongly betweem Forrest and Dock Islands, and we were almost taken sideways!

22 km, 11.7 NM, YTD: 202


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