Saturday, November 08, 2008

Nov 8th - Discovery

I paddled out from Cadboro Bay to meet Craig and Mark at Maynard Cove. We set out across baynes for Discovery and though it was fairly windy the waves were not too big. We wended our way among the Chatham islands and then around to seabird point where the waves and sea started to become interesting! Progress was slow, but exhilarating as the waves were at least double overheight. We made it around into the bay by the park camp site where we had some fun surfing. Mark managed to get himself hung up on a rock which made for some interesting manoevers! My GPS says that my speed maxed out at 21 kph at one point – probably during a surf. We stopped for lunch in a quiet bay on the west side of Discovery. By the time lunch was over, the wind had calmed down, but I was able to get a small push home using the spirit sail.


19 km, 10 NM, YTD 974 km – 26 km to go!

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