Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11th - Spectacle falls (#69)

I joined David Spittlehouse and several VSKN members (Doug, Marg, Judy, Lynn, Peter, John) for a delightful paddle over to Spectacle falls. We managed to avoid most of the rain and the wind. We left from near the feery terminal and made our way to Mckenzie Bight  and then over to the falls which were in good flow, but the tide was too low to get close. We had lunch on the “movie set” steps and then made our way along the shore (where I saw a nice specimen of slickensides in the wild) to Sheppard point and then back over to Willis point. I made may 1000 km about half way between Sheppard and Willis points! We stopped after at the Brentwood Bay Inn for a glass of lighthouse brew. Thanks to David for organizing a nice paddle!

Dave sent me some pictures which I have posted at: http://picasaweb.google.com/mhjackson123/Spectacle_nov2008#


14 km, 7 NM, YTD 1003 km – made it to 100km!


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean 1000km?

Mike J said...

yes... fixed. :)