Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan 15th - Oak Bay (#4)

Craig, George, Paulo, Dennis and I went for a 20 km paddle around Chatham and Discovery Islands and then over to Oak Bay. George had to split off at Griffin Islet to get home early and the rest of us went around Discovery. We decided to head through the Chain group and Oak Bay Marina and then over to Cattle Point. At Cattle Point we decided to see if we could turn the remaining 2 km into 4 km and proceeded to noodle our way back to Killarney, almost exactly doubling the distance.
Once again I was very comfortable paddling my Tahe Greenland with my Comfort Paddling Tuilik

today's track - click to enlarge
20 km, 11 NM, YTD 64 km


Duncan said...

Hi Mike,

The tuilik looks like an interesting idea. It's certainly new to me but something to consider. We've paddled for years in wetsuits and were considering drysuits - one more option for the "discussion mix". Thanks for that.

Mike J said...

I am pretty happy with the Tuilik. Paulo custom makes them to your body and the boat. If I do LOTS of rolls then I get leakage but it is fine for a roll or two.