Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan 29 and 30 - Discovery Island Camping (#6 & 7)

Dennis, Sue, John, Heike, Paulo Dan and I went over to Discovery for a weekend camp trip. George joined us for a day trip over to Rudlin Bay. Conditions were warm and calm on the way over. When we arrived there were mosquitoes about and biting! Victoria in winter!? I took the kayak kaboose over on its first real test voyage which allowed me to camp out of the Tahe Greenland! It performed well once I adjusted the weight distribution. With 70 lbs or so in it it was noticeable to pull, but not too bad - especially since my shoulder was not yet at 100%. After setting up camp, we went for a short paddle around Discovery. While over there we ran into Andrew and Jennifer. We had a bit of drizzle now and again during the day and it set in a bit more strongly during the evening. Overnight the wind picked up and things cooled down to around 2 deg C. I was sleeping in my Hennessey Hammock but was too lazy to put the undercover on before going to bed. I rectified that mistake in the middle of the cold night and then proceeded to have a good sleep! As you can see from my track, the batteries ran out on my GPS 1 km before finishing. Once again, my Comfort Paddling Tuilik worked very well and was practical on the water and on land.
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22 km, 12 NM, YTD 101 km


Raven said...

Camping in a Tahe! That may be a first. My dog would enjoy the caboose.

Mike J said...

It can be done - with a kaboose!