Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 11-12 - SSTIKS (#s 42,43)

Dan, Dorothea and I drove down to Twanok State Park for SSTIKS over the weekend. It was a great gathering of Greenland paddlers and we met many very nice people. We ran into several Canadians which was great - James and Melissa from Vancouver, Ken and Tom from Campbell River and of course Gerhardt and Shannon from Victoria. I did a bit of work on my rolls, still working on my elbow roll but also got a start on a couple of sculling rolls. I also participated in a forward stroke clinic with Henry Romer and got a couple of good ideas for teaching Greenland Paddling. It was great to see Jeanette, David, Roy, Dubside and Helen again - last time was at the Greenland event in Seattle last November. The meet finished with a very fun competition which involved some unusual legs based on a 130s movie of a Greenlandic story of the Wedding of Palo. I also learned how to play dead fish polo which was good fun! The drive was not bad - 2 hours from the Port Angeles ferry.
click to enlarge - the short paddles around the park
click to enlarge - Twanoh is dead centre in this image
Update - here is the first clip I shot with my new GoPro - looks good in HD!
4 km, YTD 470 km

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