Friday, June 17, 2011

June 16th - Discovery (#44)

Dan and I went for an afternoon paddle around Discovery. There was a reasonable wind and a good flood current building. I was test paddling my two new paddles from Northern Light paddles. I used both the standard 3 piece GP and also the Aleut inspired one. Both worked well and felt good. The Aleut inspired paddle does seem to have more bite/power - especially when used with the concave face as the power face. will continue to test it out - the GP can also easily be turned into a storm paddle.
I'd like to say that my pace never dropped below 10 kph after Seabird point, but my batteries were flat and I had not put the spares in my cockpit bag! The crossing of Baynes and especially the crossing of Rudlin bay were fast with a tail current!
Iam presenting a clinic on Greenland Paddling tomorrow at the MEC Victoria paddlefest. Stay tuned!
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16 km, YTD 486 km.

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