Friday, August 17, 2012

August 12th - Lake Annecy (#59)

I got together with Yannick Sevi of Alpine Paddle, who I had met via Pautik and Facebook for a paddle on Lake Annecy. Yannick supplied me with his Greenland Style CS Canoe and a nice paddle so I did not have to use any of my own gear. We had a great paddle from our launch spot all the way up to the town of Annecy and back. The weather was glorious and we both did several rolls to coll down at various times during the day. It was great to meet up with a local paddler and Greenland paddling enthusiast and spend a glorious day on the lake. Thanks Yannick!
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Unfortunately I goofed with my tracking app and did not record the third leg properly...
30 km, YTD 681 km.

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