Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18th - Discovery Island (#60)

Pete, George and I set out for a morning paddle out to discovery Island. There was a good current running and we managed to ferry our way across to Strongtide. On our way over,I was sure that I had seen Dan and Paulo (based on two boats with Greenland paddles etc), but I could not catch up with them. We barely managed to make our way through the channel between Strongtide and Vantreight, but then used the current to take us down between the Chathams and out around Discovery. Pete was paddling my Greenland LC which he seemed to like alot! Once we rounded into Rudlin Bay, we saw two paddlers on the beach who sure enough turned out to be Paulo and Dan. We had a good snack break with them and then paddled together over to Jemmy Jones were we split, us for Caddy bay and them for Maynard Cove.
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A great first paddle after a month out of the country! By the time we were on our way back, the current was fortunately much less!
16 km, YTD 697 km.

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