Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15th - Discovery Island (#40)

Dan, Paulo and I went for a morning paddle around Chatham and  Discovery islands. On our way past Flower Island we saw a dead head log poking a few inches out of the water. I called it in to Victoria Coastguard Radio as we had no marking equipment with us. It was vertical and solid - would cause significant damage to anything that hit it! We then made our way over to the bay by Heritage point to practice some rolling. I am doing a demonstration tomorrow in the harbour and needed to check that I could still do them all! After a good rolling session, we paddled on around Discovery, stopping to chat with the folks on the ORS Discovery Shuttle tour. After paddling around to boathouse bay, we met Bob, Ken and Alfonse coming in the opposite direction. We noticed at least two sets of campers in the wrong locations on Discovery Island! We made our way around the top end of Chatham Island and back over to Cadboro Bay. We checked on the dead head (14 km mark), and it was in the same location. Hopefully someone can get a marker on it sometime.
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15 km, YTD 428 km

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