Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 17th to 22 - Nuchatlitz (#67-#72)

Day 1 - Little Espinosa to Ensenada Islet

Pete, George, Dennis and I set off early from Victoria and drove to Little Espinoza inlet to launch for our 6 day/5 night. We made it to the launch site before lunch and were on the water by 12:45. There was a bit of a headwind all the way to Rosa Island. We were out at our campsite near Ensenada Islet by 5:15. On the way out we saw an elephant seal at the mouth of Espinoza Inlet.
Day 1 - click to enlarge
21 km, YTD 617 km

Day 2 - Catala Island

We did a day paddle over to Catala Island. Conditions were good and we had fun exploring amongst the rocky islets and boomers as well as the caves of Catala. After lunch on the spit, we made our way back with some tail wind and tried our hand at fishing - no luck.
Day 2 - - click to enlarge
19 km, YTD 636 km

Day 3 - Tongue Point and Louie Bay

Pete, George and I paddled over to the Tongue Point area to explore Louie Bay and Starfish lagoon. We lined our boats into the lagoon and then did a 20 minute hike to Third Beach on the Nootka trail. The wind and swell were up a bit for the paddle back which made for an interesting, slow paddle! Dennis stayed behind for the day to rest his wrist. There were lots of fishing boats off Ferrer/Tongue Points in the morning.
Day 3 - click to enlarge
19 km, YTD 655 km

Day 4 - Laurie Creek

All four of us went for a paddle along the Nuchatlitz Inlet shore. We checked out the paddle in waterfall between Belmont and Benson points and had a rinse! After that we made our way, under sail, to Laurie Creek where we had a freshwater swim and lunch - what a neat spot! Afternoon winds were against us and slowed us down a bit, but the sea was not big.
Day 4 - click to enlarge
22 km, YTD 677 km

Day 5 - Garden Point

We decided to paddle part way back so as to have less to do on Friday, so we had a leisurely paddle around the islets of the Nuchatlitz group and then lunch on Rosa Island. The fog came in late morning and lifted after lunch where we were paddling, though it was still around the inlet. Garden point was a nice site.
Day 5 - click to enlarge
15 km, YTD 692 km

Day 6 - Garden Point to Little Espinoza

We got up early and were paddling by just after 7 AM. We made it back to the launch site by 9:30 and back in Victoria by 5:30 (including a lunch stop at the Cable House!). Conditions were ideal in the morning as we paddled back. It was early enough that we were paddling in the shade most of the way!
Day 6 - click to enlarge
13 km, YTD 705 km


This was a wonderful trip with great friends! We also had fantastic weather. I have had very few rain-less trips and this was one! We saw lots of wildlife including many sea otters. Our campsites were great as well. Afternoon winds were the norm as we expected but most mornings were pretty calm.

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