Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31 - Discovery Island and a SEa Otter (#73)

George, Dan and I went for a much need paddle around Discovery as none of us had been out in a while. Conditions were good, winds 5-10 knots and a weak ebb current. We had a good paddle and chat and then ran into Mark, Robyn, Gary and Jane who mentioned that the sea otter was around Cadboro Point. We decided to go and take a look and were treated to a close encounter! The otter frolicked around a bit and then tried to climb on my front deck. after that it came to my back deck and tried to climb up and then decided that it liked my throw bag and wanted it. It pulled hard and I had to brace to avoid capsizing!
It was only a couple of years ago that I had the seal pub clambering aboard my back deck...
click to enlarge - the sea otter
By the time I got my camera out it was no longer close but I did get one half decent shot.
click to enlarge
 16 km, YTD 721 km

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