Saturday, December 10, 2016

December 10th - Discovery Island (#118) Made my 1000 km goal!

I paddled out to Cadboro Point to meet up with Paulo and Dan. It was pretty windy (20-25 kt most of the time), but we decided to paddle over to the islands. It was hard work paddling into a head wind and a decent sized sea (1-2m) but we made it over to the lee of Chatham. I was too tired to keep paddling on the windy side, so we decided to paddle in the lee of Chatham. The head winds started again as we neared Commodore Point, so we turned round and used the wind and current at our backs to our advantage. I saw seals, a sea lion, buffleheads, harlequins, cormorants and more.
You can see how slow we were going against the wind on the way out (track all yellow-green) and how fast I came back (track all blue/purple/grey)!
It feels great to have made both my 100 paddle and my 1000 km goals by mid-December!
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today's winds at Discovery - click to enlarge

13 km. YTD 1005 km

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