Friday, December 23, 2016

December 23rd - Discovery Island (#125)

I paddled out to Jemmy Jones to meet up with Olivier who had paddled over from McNeill Bay. We then went over to the islands. It was a bit drizzly but the wind eased as we paddled. We stopped briefly for a break in Rudlin Bay and then made our way to the west end of the bat where we saw the wolf! I had not seen him since October. We watched him for a while and it was neat to see his breath in the cool air when he barked or howled! The wolf followed us along the shore from Rudlin bay all the way to the first bay west of Commodore point. On our way back we stopped by some of my crab traps and "landed" three nice Dungeness crabs. It would have been tricky to deal with the crab traps from the whisky 16 without support. The trident angler is much more suited to crabbing! In addition to the wolf, we saw bald eagles, great blue herons, scoters, buffleheads, common and hooded mergansers as well as harbor seals and Steller sea lions.
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Here is a link to Olivier's photos from this padle:

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