Monday, February 08, 2010

Feb 8th - rolling with Dan (#14)

Dan and I set our for a morning of rolling practice in the bay. Paddled over to Flower and then over to Loon bay to warm up. Dan was in his Tahe Greenland T and I was in my Greenland. The rolls felt very smooth for me today. It was great to see Dan do his first rolls in his Tahe – he soon progressed to a butterfly, a rolling stick and a hand roll on his good side and even managed a couple of rolls on his off side. Grins all around!

4 km, 2 NM, YTD 193 km ScreenShot267


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!!

How dose Greenland act in wind?
First, I expected it weathercocks fairly big when I saw it with that big skeg. I thought it need that big to compansate the weathercocking, but Joe says it really dose not much.
And I compared Greenland side view and Black Pearl side view, and found that Greenlad's cockpit is quite far aft than that of BP.
So I am wondering if it rather leecock and harder to turn into the wind but easier to turn downwind???
And also, have you tried someone a lot lighter than you in it to see how the trim changes?

Mike J said...

It begaves well in wind - I have found both the Greenland and the Greenland T to be very manoeverable. Though it has a big skeg, it doews not need it - I have hardly ever wanted to use it and even then only 20%. I find that it turns well both ways. I have not had someone lighter than me in it but it should be good as I am on the upper limit of weight for that boat.