Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 17/18 - Clark and Sucia Islands (#45)

Monica and Jenny and I went over to the San Juans for the weekend and used the Scamper II inflatable to go to and from the shore and the C-dory. I figured that I clocked about a total of 2 km as each run usually required two trips to get the three of us ashore or aboard! Fantastic weather and the Scamper works quite well as a tender/dinghy for the c-dory.
2 km, YTD 378 km


Paula said...

Glad to hear you were willing to paddle a Scamper! You've seen mine being paddled around Cadboro Bay for years now. Sounds like you had fun.

Mike J said...

The Scamper II is definitely not a speed demon, but inflatable is a good option aboard a small power boat!