Monday, May 11, 2015

May 8-10 Cowichan Lake (#s 40-43)

I went up to Gordon Bay for the weekend to test out the new to us travel trailer (Keystone outback LE 21) and do some paddling. I went out once for a short paddle on the inflatable SUP and then had 3 really nice paddles on the lake in the Trak 1600. I have had the TRAK for a year but had not assembled it! It was easy to assemble and performed well. I was able to keep up a decent pace in it and it maneuvered well. The first trip was to the north and west and i dropped by Youbou, the second was a shorter one to check out Goat Island, and for the third one I went east to Bear Lake.
The travel trailer worked well, except that the batteries were shot and need replacing.
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the travel trailer and the TRAK 1600

39 km, YTD 374 km

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