Monday, January 04, 2021

Birds I have seen paddling recently

I have come to the realization that we have some pretty nice birds that can be seen regularly while paddling around Victoria! I thought I would try to do a post which highlights thirty of these with images. (My checklist for Jan 4th:

None of the images are mine and are all linked from the Macaulay Library/ebird system

Harlequin duck

surf scoter

long-tailed duck


common goldeneye

hooded merganser

Common merganser

black turnstone

common murre

ancient murrelet

mew gull

glaucous-winged gull

pacific loon

common loon

pelagic cormorant

double-crested cormorant

bald eagle

northwestern/american crow

pigeon guillemot

The ones below were not seen today, but have been seen regularly in the past few weeks...
balck oystercatcher

greater yellowlegs

horned grebe

marbled murrlet

Canada goose

white-winded scoter

great blue heron

American wigeon


black-bellied plover


rhinoceros auklet

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