Sunday, January 03, 2021

January 3rd - Cattle Point (#1)

I went for an afternoon paddle out to Cattle point thinking that the winds had dropped and wanting to get my first paddle of the year in. There was some wind, resulting in a bit of lumpy water. I ran into Dennis and Sue who were just back from a few days at Portland Island in their sailboat.

I am also trying to take ID pictures of some of the birds I see so that I can practice with this old Canon S1IS. A few results below. At least some of the pictures are in focus and not too blurry!

Hooded mergansers and a surf scoter - click to enlarge

Oystercatchers and black turnstone - click to enlarge

Greater yellowlegs - click to enlarge

glaucous-winged gull - click to enlarge

I saw 15 or so species: no murrelets!

click to enlarge
5 km, YTD 5 km

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