Monday, January 04, 2021

January 4th - Discovery island (#2)

Dan and I went for a morning paddle out and around the islands. It was raining but not windy when we set out but turned to windy but not rainy later! In spite of the weather we saw a good collection of birds (18 species: The birds we see in winter are a pretty lot!

The tide was very high when we set out - possibly the highest I have seen it paddling so we decided to check out how the cacti were doing in cactus islet inlet. The main bunch had a small section underwater which must happen a few times a year. The arbutus trees looked beautiful in the rain and there is a lichen, moss and fern covered slope that also looked wonderful. 

The prickly pear cactus patch - clck to enlarge

some of the lichen cushions - click to enlarge

The lichens seem to do pretty well out here with little pollution and no trampling. The tide was so high that were were able to paddle out a channel to the beach on east Chatham and only had to portage about 20 feet!

cactus islet inlet  click to enlarge

we paddled over land that is usually dry! click to enlarge

This is normally dry! click to enlarge
Dan getting out for the portage - click to enlarge

I managed to get a rock in my skeg box so we had to stop at the boathouse for me to get it out. There were no sea lions on the usual rock since it was awash in the high tide. It was very hard, slow work paddling across the lumpy waters of Rudlin bay against the wind (15-20 kt at Trial Island) and we decided to paddle up the middle of the Chathams to get some shelter from the wind. Unfortunately for me, the current was so strong at one spot that I could not make it through to the lagoon we often visit at high water. Instead I had to paddle around the islet.
my track showing were I was stopped by the current - click to enlarge

Paulo and Lesley were playing in the current at the "sluice" and we joined them there for a bit before making our way well upstream before crossing over Cadboro Point. It was another slog against the wind from Cadboro Point to Flower island and we both felt pretty tired after out 18 km paddle!

the overall route click to enlarge
18 km, YTD 23 km

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