Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb 19th - Discovery (#14)

Paulo, Dan and I set out from Killarney Kayak Base for a paddle around Discovery. There was a reasonably strong cold northerly wind (steady around 25 kph and gusting to around 40 kph). The sun was shining brightly and we headed fairly straight for Commodore point on Discovery. A bit of current help and a few surfing waves made for a good speedy trip. Seabird point back to Chatham for lunch was a bit of a slog against the wind but the beach was sheltered, sunny and beautiful. We made our way across Baynes with a moderate flood pushing us towards Cadboro Point and a few fun waves. We ran into Patti and Yves again in the bay as they were practicing towing

15 km, YTD 197 km

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